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Frequently asked questions


In what situations may a Second Medical Opinion be useful to me?

When someone suffers from a serious or complex health problem, it is natural that many questions arise. Nowadays, there are multiple sources of information. However, not all of them are reliable and others may be reliable but hardly understandable to people who have no knowledge of medicine. Our recommendation, therefore, is that these questions and concerns are answered by renowned specialists in each condition.

A Second Medical Opinion is especially advisable when:

You want to have your diagnosis confirmed
You wish to know the best possible treatment options in your case
You have been offered several treatment options and you must decide on one of them
An invasive treatment is proposed to you
You have inquiries you need to resolve
Your medical team lacks sufficient experience in your disease

What health problems can I request a Second Medical Opinion for?

You may request a Second Medical Opinion if you are suffering from a serious, chronic or degenerative disease. Also, for musculoskeletal problems that cause chronic pain or seriously affect your daily and / or work-related activities.

The most frequently consulted health problems are those that are oncological, musculoskeletal (i.e fibromyalgia, disabling herniated discs, chronic pain), neurological (i.e Parkinson, Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis, Dystrophies, Myasthenia Gravis), cardiovascular (i.e aortic aneurysms, heart malformations), renal (i.e chronic renal failure) and ophthalmological (with vision loss greater than 50%).

Acute processes and /or those requiring urgent treatment as well as psychiatric problems are not subject to this service.
In case of any doubt, we invite you to contact us.

What specialists will review my case?

The experts who review the cases are recommended by specialists of their own specialty and are sub-specialized in your specific condition. They have extensive and proven experience in diagnosing and treating your disease and develop research activities in relation to it.

How can the specialist make recommendations if he does not evaluate me personally?

We send the specialist a clinical summary including the most relevant information from your medical history and the diagnostic tests you may have undergone, so he will have the same documentation that would have been available to him if you had been to his office.

Can my doctor get upset if I request a Second Medical Opinion?

Don´t worry.
It is impossible for specialists to be sub-specialized in all pathologies.
Moreover, it is  common practice for medical doctors to present their patients´ cases in clinical sessions to other specialists to discuss the best treatment options for each case. A Second Medical Opinion is nothing more than a “remote” clinical session.
Some specialists not only are happy to receive the recommendations of renowned experts, but also advise their patients to request a second medical opinion.
If both specialists agree, it will bring you peace of mind.
In case of discrepancy, have no doubt that your medical team will consider re-evaluating your case.
You should know that some of our patients are physicians themselves.

Will you contact my physician?

No, unless you specifically ask us to.

How may I request the service?

If our services are included in a product you bought (insurance policy, health or wellness product, credit card, membership club, …) you may call us or register by clicking REGISTER NOW and request the service from your Personal Space.

If, on the contrary, you are an individual consumer, please, contact us (see the contact information listed at the bottom of this page). We will be happy to assist you.

What medical records should I send?

At the beginning of the process, one of our doctors will indicate to you what medical records are needed.
In any case, we will need copies of your medical reports and, depending on the health problem, a copy of your imaging studies and / or biopsy specimens.

How can I get my medical documentation?

Patients´ rights are regulated by Law 41/2002 of  November 14th .
It includes the patient´s right to access his medical history and request a full copy of it.

The medical history is made up your  medical reports and the diagnostic tests (CT-Scans, MRIs, X-Rays, …).

Every public or private Medical Center has its own protocol to request a copy of the medical history. In general, you must contact the Department of Patient´s Assistance, fill out a request form and provide your ID card.

How long will it take to get the Second Medical Opinion report?

From the moment we have your complete medical documentation, the average duration of the process varies between 7 and 15 business days, depending on the complexity of the case, the number of specialists needed and their availability. However, as we are aware that time is important to you, we always strive to get you the report in the shortest possible time. Your personal doctor will contact you to discuss it and answer any questions that may arise. Subsequently, we will provide a full portfolio with the result of the Second Medical Opinion.
Should I discontinue the treatment recommended by my physician during the process of the Second Medical Opinion?  

No, you should not stop treatment while we process your case.

What happens if there is a diagnostic change?

It may happen that a complete change of diagnosis occurs or that your diagnosis can not be confirmed due to lack of complementary studies or that your diagnosis is partially correct.
In either case, we encourage you to share your Second Medical Opinion report with your treating physician to re-evaluate your case.

What happens if there is a treatment change?

We encourage you to share your Second Medical Opinion report with your attending physician who will, most probably, study it and re-assess the therapeutic options for you.

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