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Security policy and data confidentiality

Security policy and data confidentiality


The fact that you are navigating through this section means that you are concerned about the security of your personal data.

Please do not leave! We want you to be assured that not only your health is in good hands, but also your personal and medical data.

You must know who is  responsible for the file

In accordance with the Spanish Data Protection Act 15/1999 December 13th, Healthmotiv S.L. informs you that the data collected from this website (by the mean of forms and/or emails) and willingly provided to Healthmotiv will be included in an automated file owned by Healthmotiv, S.L located in C/ Profesor Waksman, 10 - 28036 Madrid – Spain.

Collection of the data, purpose and treatment

In order to access some sections or to use our services, you will have to provide  personal and/or sensitive data to Healthmotiv when you fill forms out or when you send an email.

We want you to understand what the purpose of the collection of your data is. For that reason, you will be provided with detailed information before your consent is required.

The collection of your data may have different purposes depending on the area from which you are requested this information:

  • To provide you with the services you contracted directly or through another entity,
  • To provide you with additional information about our services or our company,
  • To take part in a staff selection process.

The data will be stored in automated files of which Healthmotiv is the controller and processor. It undertakes to ensure the safety of the personal and sensitive data in accordance with the Spanish Data Protection Act 15/1999 December 13th

The data you provide to us will be kept confidential. That means that we will not deliver them to anybody without your express consent. No doubt may remain: no personal and sensitive data will be disclosed to your relatives, to your company, to your treating physician without your consent.

However, there may be situations when personal data is exempt from the non-disclosure provisions:

  • If you request our services and you do not appear in our data base, it may be due to a mistake. For that reason, in order not to deny the service without any justified reason, we will contact with the entity that gives you access to our services in order to confirm your right to access them. We may have to provide this entity with your first name, last name, ID card number, policy number…). In no case, sensitive data as medical information will be disclosed.
  • We may have to disclose personal data if it is required under a Spanish or EU enactment, by any rule of common law or by an order of a court or tribunal in any jurisdiction.

Security measures

We guarantee maintenance of such security measures, and any others that may be imposed on it, of a technical and organizational nature, as necessary to guarantee the present and future security of the personal data and prevent its alteration, loss, unauthorized processing thereof or access thereto.

Among other measures, your data is encoded according to the SSL protocol with Extended Validation and is stored in a dedicated server in a Data Centre regulated by the European Data Protection Directive 95/46/CE.
Nonetheless, we must inform you that, in spite of the security measures that have been implemented according to the current law, Healthmotiv cannot guarantee that there will be no illicit use of this website and of the data stored in it made by third parties. For that reason, Healthmotiv does neither guarantee nor assume any responsibility for the damages caused by the alteration, loss, disclosure, unauthorized or illicit use of the users’ personal data made by third parties.

Rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection

At any time you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, objection and/or deletion or your data by writing to: 



Healthmotiv SL
Dpto. de Calidad
Calle Profesor Waksman, 10
28036 Madrid

You are committed to update the data you provided to Healthmotiv. The user will be responsible for any damage that Healthmotiv may suffer owing to a lack of veracity, exactness, validity and authenticity of the data provided.

Healthmotiv website uses Cookies

A "cookie" is a piece of information that our website transfers to your computer hard drive.

Cookies are used to expedite the navigation through our website.

Among other functions, they store your preferences for certain kinds of information so that you do not have to input it every time you visit our web site (language, for example).

If you access a private area after entering your username and password, your browser will remember that you already registered yourself and you will not be requested the access data again.

This will allow you to access  services or to carry out operations that are denied to users who have not identified themselves.

In anyway, you can delete the cookies stored in your computer or you can block them.

However, if you do not allow the use of the cookies, we cannot guarantee your access to all the areas to which you have the right to access.


If you are a beneficiary of our services, you may register yourself in our website and access your Personal Area.

For that purpose, you will be provided with a username and a password.

We remind you that, for your safety, the access data is personal and untransferable.  You must watch over them in order to avoid its loss, theft, disclosure to unauthorized third parties and to avoid an unauthorized use.

You commit yourself to use your access data in a proper and diligent way. The illegal use of your access data is your responsibility.

Exclusion of responsibility

Healthmotiv will do its best to ensure the security of your navigation through its website. However it cannot accept any responsibility and/or liability for the unauthorized use of its website made by third parties.

Healthmotiv informs that it implemented the appropriate measures to protect personal data from unauthorised access. However it is not responsible for the damages caused by the possible presence of virus or other harmful items, introduced by third parties, that may affect your IT systems.

Amendments of the Privacy Policy

We may change these terms at any time without notice by updating the terms shown on this website.

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