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We do want to thank the confidence of the persons who decided to use our services.

Some of them have wanted to share their experience with other patients. It is with great pleasure that we bring them all together below:

Because in Healthmotiv our motivation is your health, we will do our best to help you find the answers concerning your medical condition and the most appropriate treatment options.

Healthmotiv Team

E. M. P. (Madrid)

I requested the Second Medical Opinion service because my son Xxx was suffering from great pain in his face, after a surgical removal of two polyps of unknown origin on his vocal cords.

The follow-up of his neuralgia was conducted through the Social Security in the Hospital La Paz, alternatively and repeatedly by the ENT, the maxillofacial surgeon and the neurologist.

Many medical tests of all kinds were performed, and he was even admitted to the Emergency Room, at a determined point, in order to expedite the process.

Since he was going from specialist to specialist without getting a clear diagnosis, I got in touch with you through Musaat´s Club. As a result, I received constant attention through Dr. Xxx, being oriented both on the consultations to be attended, as on the monitoring of treatments prescribed by the specialists, holding discussions after each of the consultations over the nearly ten months the situation has lasted.

Fortunately, after a tooth extraction, a pharmacological treatment for the trigeminal neuralgia and a discharge plate, it seems the problem, if not all, has been largely solved.

I would like to express, therefore, my thanks to Healthmotiv and particularly to Dr. Xxx, for the attention received, the interest shown and the wise advices, encouraging anyone who might be in a similar case than mine, to seek Healthmotiv´s support, with the confidence that you will be satisfied.

November 17th, 2011


The treatment I have received from HEALTHMOTIV´s staff, both medical and administrative, has been great, making the communications easy. The Second Medical Opinion service has helped me broaden my requirements of information on my treatment options. I consider the information gathered useful in terms of how to face my disease, although the stated life expectancy seems very restrictive to me.

November 15th 2011

Pablo (Madrid):

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor following a visit to the ophtalmologist. I was completely stunned and unable to think. Thanks to Healthmotiv, in scarcely one week I had a Second Medical Opinion from a renowned specialist, who explained the advantages of employing the appropriate technology and team to treat the tumor. I decided to travel to the U.S.A. and they organized everything for me: appointments, trip, accommodation, interpreter,… They could remove all the tumor without affecting my sight. I always felt accommpanied and supported and 20 days after the surgery I was able to return to work. This is the best decision I ever made!

February 2011

Ramón (Málaga):

With 74 years old and several chronic diseases, I have been treated in many Centers and had plenty of reports and diagnostic tests. Now I am calm, because I know I have everything in order and available at any time, and that a medical doctor is responsable for maintaining my medical history updated with any change, including my treatment. It´s amazing how technologies simplify and help in health care. Additionally, my doctors are delighted!

December 2010

Manuel C. BM (Elche):

In an adverse health status, social security attends the patients according to their severity, which is logical and I see very well, but when you're diagnosed with a chronic disease that does not endanger your life you become a pariah in the social security, having to fight against them to draw attention to your pain and anguish. It is in these cases that Healthmotiv provides you with a great weapon in this struggle: a second medical opinion from a leading doctor. Suddenly, everything is easier, waiting times shorten and they are more attentive to you. Thanks to Healthmotiv I got a powerful weapon in my fight that lasted more than two years and now I see a shorter health care.

September 3rd 2010.

José Antonio LTL (Madrid):

When in May 2009, Dr. xxx in xxx Hospital, informed me that my 27 month old, suffered from ulcerative colitis and that they might need to perform a colectomy, I felt totally helpless, not knowing what to do or who to contact.

I remembered the information I received from the Association of Building Engineers of Madrid, on a contract with an enterprise specialized in second medical opinions, through the insurance of Musaat. I did not hesitate to call and get in touch with them.

Dr. xxx from HEALTHMOTIV put me at ease, when confirming that the Center where he was admitted was one of the best in the world for my son´s condition.

The speed of events was so rapid that I could almost not think, and the fact that my son was admitted to the Hospital made it difficult to start the second medical opinion proceedings. I spoke to medical friends, but the case seemed to be beyond their knowledge, as it was a completely atypical case.

Completely unaware of the medical language and I felt increasingly lost after each visit.

Thanks to Dr. xxx, at Healthmotiv, I could maintain criteria and make decisions, because otherwise I would have been unable to understand the results that were appearing.

Those who do not know medicine, cannot value the diseases and less in such critical situations. Therefore we cannot make decisions, so we need help. In my case I would not have forgiven myself for not seeking a second medical opinion, because I would have thought that I had not done everything possible, and any mistake would have become a condemnation to me.

In my case, Healthmotiv not only helped me get a second medical opinion, but also acted as interpreter and helped me decide when opinions were contradictory.

Now I feel I have accomplished all that was in my hand and I am very calm and happy with the surgery that was performed. My son is doing very well and very happy. I know he has received the best possible care and that the result would have possibly been different if we had not enlisted the help of Dr. xxx, which I very much appreciate, this being the reason for which I write this testimony.

May 1st 2010

MAC (Barcelona):

The experience has been positive. I was initially reluctant to use the service, but the pleasant and professional manners received on the first phone call changed my opinion. To us it has gone well. The ease of use along with the personalized treatment outweighs the time spent in processing the necessary documentation. Upon receipt of the results the quality of the information surprised us, as it widely exceeded the standard rating of “appropriate” with a remarkably high. I would advise without any kind of doubt to use the “Second Medical Opinion” service. It is another alternative to consider and would not hesitate to use it again.

March 24th 2010

EMF (Madrid):

First of all, I want to thank Alares® and Healthmotiv® and especially Dr. xxx for his guidance, follow-up and resolution to the case that I raised for a Second Opinion. At all times they indicated the steps I had to follow, so that they could receive the medical report. I was informed who was the specialist who would review my case and kept me up-dated with any news on the case management, until the final report was received. I always received guidance and advise from Dr. xxx on my concerns. Despite having the report of Dr. Gaston, he keeps calling me to inquire about the evolution of my condition.

March 23rd 2010

Jacobo Rodríguez. (Madrid):

I have always been struck by the fact that we often know who is the mechanic who will be repairing our car- we even drive several miles if we know a good one- or who is the fruit vendor or the butcher that guarantee the best fruit or meat and, nonetheless, in health issues, we put ourselves in the hands of the first doctor that is assigned to us, or we have great trouble in learning under whose care should we put ourselves. Don´t you feel this is an incongruity?

This, when dealing with a critical disease or complication, acquires great significance.

In the last year, I have discovered the importance of counting on the services of an expert company like Healthmotiv, with several cases around me:

The first was that of a pregnant woman who was unexpectedly recommended to undergo an abortion due to the severe fetal malformations shown in the routine follow-up. With great anguish for the seriousness of the situation, she visited several gynecologists, who agreed in the diagnosis. Consultation with an expert on prenatal ultrasonography through Healthmotiv was decisive. There were no malformations! And time proved him right. After a close monitoring during the remaining months of pregnancy, a completely normal baby girl was born.

Another case also points out that there are specialists sub-specialized in very specific diseases and that not all doctors have the same experience. This was the case of a person diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer in an advanced stage who had followed treatment for two years in Madrid. A new relapse left very limited options. At that time, they turned to Healthmotiv. After reviewing the biopsy specimens in the United States to confirm the diagnosis, they consulted with two other specialists in the country. Conventional treatments left indeed little margin, but a specialized group in New York is obtaining a 50% response with a novel treatment. Healthmotiv put this person in contact with a group in another Spanish city that works closely with New York. At this point, the patient is being pre-treated in Spain, prior to travelling to New York, where he will receive the specific treatment that could cure his disease. We know how to look for the best mechanic, the best fruit vendor the best butcher, the store which sells the best clothes and the best computers. Healthmotiv enables us to consult with the appropriate specialists to treat our diseases. Can you miss this chance?

March 2010

Sr. Fernando González (España):

XXXX has had problems since he was a child in his ear, causing several interventions to place different types of drainages. Again, another intervention was scheduled and we decided to consult a second specialist, who requested further tests (CT-Scan, cultures). As a result, a fungal infection was detected and the removal of the drainage was recommend. We then decided to turn to HEALTHMOTIV where they attentively listened about the problem and told us that although this was not one of the eligible conditions for the service, they would provide us with a a list of renowned ENTs. Not only did so, but they also discussed in depth with us the specialist´s criteria and opinion on the subject, helping us greatly to make a decision and understand it.

This is the third time I used the service and we are tremendously grateful.

Thanks a lot.

February 23rd 2009

A.R. (España):

As many people know fibromyalgia is a very painful disease that has not been diagnosed until relatively recently. For these and other reasons, those who have it have long suffered from a incomprehension from physicians, family and friends. That is why I am especially grateful for the special treatment I have always received from all the staff in Healthmotiv, which has always been attentive and professional, but above all very human.

In Healthmotiv they have paid attention to my needs and requests, always with the best dispposition and treatment. Through them, I have had an access to a Second Opinion and they have valued my disease providing solutions and assisting me at all times. To you, with whom I have had more direct contact I may have nothing but words of gratitude and affection.

Therefore I want to thank all the staff in Healthmotiv for their help and professionalism t and express my gratitude for their excellent service.

With kindest regards,

January 16th 2009

A.J. (España):

In early 2008, my husband noticed a significant loss of sight in his right eye. The ophthalmologist said it was a result of an intraocular tumor and recommended a treatment he underwent in two occasions without any improvement. Given this worrying situation, we decided to request a Second Medical Opinion through the service Musaat® offers us with Healthmotiv®. My husband's case was evaluated by three specialists (two in the U.S. and one in Spain). The three agree that the effective treatment in my husband´s case would be a different one. We decided to follow the recommendations we received. Today, the tumor has shrunk, my husband is recovering his sight and we are very encouraged. Moreover, I would like to add that the attention we received from Healthmotiv´s team was excellent from the beginning to the end. They demonstrated a real interest at all times, even more than his own doctor! We are really grateful for everything. I hope the story of my experience will encourage other in similar situations to use of the services offered by Musaat, which are undoubtedly very helpful and useful.

December 3rd 2008

A.M.V. (España):

I learnt about Healthmotiv´s services and started using them through MUSAAT (Mutual Association of Technical Architects). It is a very useful service, as I had serious doubts and gaps on what I was told by my treating doctor and I could compare this with the opinion of other physicians, thus dispelling my doubts, as the opinions basically coincided with small discrepancies that were discussed and solved with my treating doctor. The information provided has been very valid, since it served to complete the treatment I had been proposed here in Spain. The treatment has been at all times commendable and exquisite, as in some circumstances, the obstacles put by the administration at the time of providing my file, were resolved with their assistance and support. Healthmotiv´s service is very easy to use, not rigid at all, perfectly fitting to every circumstance and continuous, as it is not only limited to gathering information, sending it and as a last step, delivering a second medical opinion to the patient, but they also keep in touch periodically by phone or via email regarding the patient´s health and improvements. One could say and value many other things, all being positive, but I think in those listed above are summarized the most important ones.

August 2008

H.F.J. (España):

It is my pleasure to give my point of view on Healthmotiv´s care and management in the search of the" second opinion "on my case, namely musculoskeletal pain. I find it a useful and efficient service to help all in our association solve their health problems, by providing them with this second medical opinion and advicing on possible solutions. Both the management and care for me have been incredible, for their gentleness, kindness, perseverance and professionalism. Thanks, really! For these reasons, I recommend the entire group not to hesitate if they need the service. Healthmotiv´s team will attend you very well.

November 14th 2008

V.S.J. (España):

The diagnosis given through HEALTHMOTIV has helped me better understand my knee injury, providing complementary information to that obtained through the medical services of the Social Security. The treatment of HEALTHMOTIV´s staff has been, at all times attentive, right and friendly, keeping me constantly informed on the consultation process and exposing the diagnosis in a clear and concise way.

November 9th 2008

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